About Us

ProfBundle - private pay per install network with software distribution and monetization platform.
Our company has worked with monetizing software and files since 2012.

Through the years we have operated several affiliate programs, created successful software products. We're helping our publishers achieve maximum income by providing high quality ads to monetize their website traffic in an efficient way. We're continuously working hard to approach the highest paying advertisers and safe advertisement so the ads wouldn't get blocked by Google and our clients websites remain safe.


Why cooperate with us?

PROFBUNDLE is designed to convert your traffic into real money.

We have is unique monetization platform and software distribution. We're helping our affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website, social traffic, free software product or browser extension.

Customized Installer

With our installer you can earn money from each installation of your free software or browser extension.

Stable payments

You'll feel secure with on-time and on-demand payments. Just contact your Affiliate Manager to setup individual payment terms.

We offer payments through: PayPal, EasyPay, Webmoney, Bank transfer and Payoneer.

High Converting

We provide a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo stuff.

Send us a Message

Thank you for your interest in ProfBundle. To establish cooperation with our company and start monetizing your traffic or software, please use our contact form.

If you wish to become a Publisher please provide information about your websites on E-mail: publishers@profbundle.com

If you wish to become a Advertiser please provide detailed information about your products on E-mail: advertisers@profbundle.com